Lotsa Wind Flags are the ideal promotional tool for your business, event or function...

Wind Flags

The eye catching size of wind flags easily draws the attention of passing traffic whether they are used in Retail, Sporting Events, Product Launches, Conferences, Expo's, Real Estate or purely for Brand Awareness. If you want to be noticed, you want a Lotsa Wind Flag!

Each style and shape can be printed one side or both sides.
Single sided print - printed one side only. The ink shows through on the other side as a mirrored image (reverse image) at approximately 85-95% bleed through.
Double sided print - each side is printed on a separate piece of material with a block out layer in-between and then sewn together showing correct image / text on BOTH sides (not mirrored or reversed text). Ideal for displaying two different messages or repeating your message on each side.

Choose your style, size and optional base.

Bases are priced separately, please ask us for a price when ordering your Wind Flag. 



Wind Flag Templates

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