"You are fabulous (in case your team donít tell you often enough!). Thanks for pushing this job through for us, I understand that they are being delivered by your courier to ISSU as we speak. Our teachers will really appreciate receiving this at the weekend. With sincere thanks."    Cindy Hales - Project Manager / Workforce Futures

Highest Audit Mark ever achieved in Australian and New Zealand market - Sept 2015

An ongoing requirement to maintain ISO 12647-2 (international colour standards accreditation) is that an on-site audit is performed every 6 months to ensure that colour standards, systems and procedures are rigorously carried out. The audit must achieve a pass to maintain the standard for the next 6 months.

In September 2015 our 3rd ISO audit was carried out and Lotsa achieved the highest audit mark ever in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

In addition our print quality was rated at 100%, which in the ANZ market is very unusual.

We are now fully ISO certified for our offset printing, digital printing and our signage printers.

Lotsa is the first signage printer to achieve ISO accreditation in the ANZ market, ever, and one of the few in the world to achieve ISO.

The ISO certification means our customers can be very confident that any printing Lotsa produces is colour accurate, consistent and true to world standards.

ISO 12647 International Colour Standard

ISO 12647 International Colour Standard

Lotsa Printing is one of only a hand full of Australian Printers certified as a Mellow Colour ISO 12647 Proficient Printer and is the only printer North of Brisbane to achieve this certification.  

What is ISO 12647?  When it comes to the colour of our clients jobs, we know that true and correct colour representation is paramount.  Our expertise and ISO 12647 colour management systems now ensure our clients jobs are printed to the only true Internationally recognised colour standard.

What does this mean for you?  Our colour management system ensures your printed job has colour consistency and improved colour quality.  It provides an assurance that your job will be to the highest standard in colour quality and this alone sets Lotsa apart from our competition and provides you with a point of difference in your respective market.  

To ensure our ISO 12647 certification is maintained, Lotsa has ongoing daily colour measurements in place with Mellow Colour performing an on-site audit every 6 months to ensure our internal quality systems and processes are to the set specifications.  

In simple terms, we print colour to an internationally recognised standard.

While some colour variations may occur when choosing to print via our economical gang print runs (multiple jobs all printed on the same run sheet), all jobs are still printed to within the ISO 12647 certified tolerances.  Client's wishing to achieve a set colour can choose a commercial print run (only your job on the press) with the option to perform an on-site press check (conditions and additional costs apply).

Mellow Colour 100 Club Membership

Mellow Colour 100 Club Membership

Lotsa Printing is also part of the Mellow Colour "100 Club" after achieving multiple scores of 100% compliance across various offset printed jobs. This is considered the pinnacle of printing to ISO 12647 standard and something we are extremely proud to have achieved.

What is the 100 Club? Mellow Colour 100 Club Membership is awarded to ISO 12647 Proficient Printers that can provide PrintSpec Reports made from recent production print runs that show a score of 100. This means that the Company is capable of producing work 100% in compliance with the tight targets and tolerances of the Mellow Colour Quality management system. The 100 Club award is valid for 12 months following submission to Mellow Colour of a dated production print sample scoring 100%.

UV Inks - Environmentally Friendly

UV Inks - Environmentally Friendly

Our Ryobi 5 Colour + Coater A1 Offset Press uses environmentally friendly UV Inks.  UV Inks are not only environmentally friendly, they also provide a crisper, sharper dot resulting in a superior printed product with more vivid, vibrant colours.

Are UV printed products recyclable? UV printed products can be recycled or disposed of in exactly the same manner as other printed material. They are biodegradable. Even the most heavily printed sheet can be processed by existing processes.

Does UV Printing produce dangerous emissions? UV ink does not contain dangerous VOC's (Volatile Organic Components) like conventional printing inks (which average 35% by volume). UV ink does not give off any emissions. The curing of UV ink by special lamps only produces small amounts of ozone.

Are Toxic materials used in UV inks and coatings? UV inks are formulated from materials other than those known to be toxic. UV inks eliminate VOC's and spray powders from the process and reduce the amount of aggressive cleaning chemicals used due to better stability of inks on the press.

Is UV printing a new product? No. UV printing has been in widespread use around the world for over 30 years, mainly in packaging. UV printing for commercial brochure / book printing is growing at 3 times the rate of other sectors of the print industry. It is very common in Europe and America, in fact in some countries printers are forced in to its use to meet tougher environmental laws. Australian uptake of UV printing has been slow due to the difficulties developing the skills needed.

What are the other benefits of UV printing?

There are many:

  • The printed product contains many thousands of very small dots, the UV ink dot does not leach into the paper, as it sits on the top and gives a crisper and sharper dot, resulting in a superior printed item.
  • Less waste in the process due to no set off.
  • Faster job completion, a job can be printed and cut or folded immediately after printing (normally 4 to 8 hours for conventional inks).
  • Higher surface resistance to rubbing or scratching. Using conventional inks requires an additional "sealing varnish" to protect against rubbing or scratching, at additional cost.
  • Better quality of finishing options, such as LotsaGloss, LotsaMatt or LotsaDuo Kote are available. These offer opportunities for product enhancement at very little additional cost.
  • UV ink is able to be printed on a wider range of stocks of paper, plastic or synthetics.
HP EcoSoloutions - Trained Printing Company

HP EcoSoloutions - Trained Printing Company

Lotsa Printing uses HP Latex Printing Technologies for our signage products and has a full time representative who has successfully completed the HP EcoSolutions training.  This training focuses on reducing the environmental impact of our wide format printing via the HP Latex Printing Technologies.  This system seeks to improve our environmental performance and overall wide format printing operation.

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